Video Design, Production & Magic by Kerbute Productions (Lucy FX Jones & John Hennessey) / Video Courtesy of Recording Festival (

Vocal, Keys, Production - Sarah Kervin / Production, Tracking, Mixing, Background Vocals - Alex Borwick / Tracking - Cameron Craig at Grouse Lodge Recording Studios in County Westmeath, Ireland / Bass - Julia Adamy / Mastering - Joel Kerr (G & J Audio) / Music & Lyrics - Sarah Kervin

Video Production by David Ashton at Sequoia Pictures, LLC. All proceeds go to the Joyful Heart Foundation. Available on itunes and CDBaby "The Least You Could Do" is a story set to music about learning to trust yourself again. It's about letting go of your inner struggle and your self-blame and your feelings of worthlessness.

into the city to make a name where names are made... OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for "Into the City" by Sarah Kervin Special thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible!! Ellen & David Lee, Simon CF Yu, Tony Lupoli, Jene Luciani, Nathan M Helsel, Giana DeGeiso, Matt Podd, Perry Smith, Julia Adamy, Ross Pederson, the Bunk Studios, & Marc Kaplan of SubCulture NYC.

Live @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 Featuring Sarah Kervin Dillon Kondor, guitar Julia Adamy, bass Ross Pederson, cajon